City of Oakland / Laney College

About This Project

Green Evolution provided services to City of Oakland and Laney College under contract with Energy Beyond Design. At the time, Green Evolution was working closely with Energy Beyond Design, one of the first home performance contractors completing jobs through the Energy Upgrade California program.
One of the projects Green Evolution completed was a collaboration between City of Oakland and Laney College. Under this program, City of Oakland provided a list of homes slated for rehabilitation under the energy efficiency retrofitting moderate-income revolving loan fund. Green Evolution coordinated with the occupants of the homes as well as students from the Laney College green jobs program to provide professional-grade energy assessments on the homes while providing field training for the Laney College students. Green Evolution then generated detailed reports and provided them to the City of Oakland for use in developing scopes of work through Residential Lending and Housing Rehabilitation Services.

This project provided benefits to City of Oakland, Laney College, the students, and the homeowners, and feedback was overwhelmingly positive.


“Thank you! I can’t get over how nice the reports look and how easy it is to read them. (I got the same comments from staff too.)”

– Marlene Labat,
City of Oakland / Residential Lending Services

“I recently had the opportunity to participate in several home energy audits with David through a program sponsored by Laney College, the City of Oakland and Energy Beyond Design. Working with David on these audits was an experience worth sharing. David is knowledgeable and personable. He applies his knowledge of building science and his practical experience in home performance retrofits to make each audit a learning experience for the interns and an informative experience for the homeowner. As interns, we were challenged to use all our senses to “find things” in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. David then used and added to our findings to expand on the building science concepts and issues at hand in each property. With each successive audit, we were given the opportunity to lead each other through testing procedures, work with a variety of testing equipment and software, and to engage the homeowner when appropriate. David was sure to end each audit by recapping our initial findings with the homeowner, addressing their initial concerns, and outline the next steps in the process. Each audit found us leaving the homeowners happy for the experience and looking forward to future contact.”

– Patricia Moore, former Laney College student,
current Energy Efficiency